A handy way of taking notes

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With Simple Notes Pro it is really easy to create multiple notes and swiftly navigate between them. You can synchronize them with any files for backup, if you wish so.



It is really easy to use. There are no annoying windows or popups. Just launch the app and start typing in the notes' content.



You can quickly view or access the notes and organize your to-do list in no time by using the customizable and resizable widgets. You can create separate widgets per notes too.



Checklists are a great way to plan your shopping, or any daily tasks. Undone items can be automatically moved at the bottom, if that's what suits you.



Personalize your experience by changing any app color. You can even change the apps' icon color to make sure it matches your home screen.

The Pro one already has many new features including widgets, checklists, font size customization, password protection, then many other bugfixes and stability improvements. Since the free version won't be updated anymore, the difference will always grow.

Yes, it is paid. As it has no internet access, we cannot show ads or steal and sell your data like some other apps do. Its development needs money though, so we chose to make it paid as our way of monetization. The price depends on your country, it costs only around a dollar. It is a one time payment, meaning that once you purchase it, you will never have to pay for it again. Not even once you get a new device.

It is most likely because you moved the app on an SD card. There is an Android system limitation which hides the given app widgets in that case. The only solution is to move the app back onto the Internal Storage via your device settings.

In case you have only 1 active widget, you can either recreate it, or use the button in the app settings for customizing it. If you have multiple active widgets, the button in the app settings will not be available. As the app supports color customization per-widget, you will have to recreate the widget that you want to customize.

Sure, if you select one by long pressing, new drag handles will appear at the right side. You can either drag it manually, or select multiple ones and use the top menu buttons for quickly moving them at the top, or at the bottom. The app settings contain a toggle for moving done checklist items at the bottom automatically, in case that is the behaviour you are looking for.

Yes, of course. You can spread the word about the apps or give good feedback and ratings. You can also help by translating the apps in a new language, or just update some existing translations. You can find the guide at https://github.com/SimpleMobileTools/General-Discussion or just shoot me a message at hello@simplemobiletools.com if you need help.

It is caused by your launcher not supporting icon customization properly. Try launching the app via Google Play or some widget, if available. Once launched, just set back the default orange icon #F57C00. You might have to reinstall the app in the worst case.

Payments are fully handled by Google, their system glitches from time to time. Just clear your Google Play app cache and restart your device, then retry downloading it.

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Money back guarantee

If you uninstall this app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. No need to fill in any form or contact anyone. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at our email.