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Simple Gallery Pro is a highly customizable app for browsing your media files with ease. It supports a huge variety of file types and offers features like password protection, recycle bin, an advanced photo editor and many more.

no ads

No ads

Trust us, nothing will interrupt your smooth user experience. There is no one tracking your actions either, thus guaranteeing your privacy and increasing security.



Sort, group, filter, display your files as you wish. There are many available settings at your service that really give you a lot of control over the overall experience.



The app provides an advanced photo and video editor with many useful functions. You can not only crop and rotate any image, but also apply one of many available filters, add some text, sticker or a drawing.



Personalize your experience by changing any app color. You can even change the apps' icon color to make sure it matches your home screen.

The Pro one already has many new features including a brand new advanced photo and video editor, rotating fullscreen images with gestures, HEIC/HEIF/APNG support, batch renaming files with using different date/time patterns, password protecting individual folders, thumbnail customization, printing support, Material You theme, then many other bugfixes and stability improvements. Since the free version won't be updated anymore, the difference will always grow.

Yes, it is paid. As it has no internet access, we cannot show ads or steal and sell your data like some other apps do. Its development needs money though, so we chose to make it paid as our way of monetization. The price depends on your country, it costs only around a dollar. It is a one time payment, meaning that once you purchase it, you will never have to pay for it again. Not even once you get a new device.

Starting with Android 11 you cannot hide or unhide files or folders anymore, you cannot see the hidden ones in gallery apps either. You will have to use some file manager for that.

That stopped working due to the system changes that came with Android 11 too, the app cannot browse real folders anymore, it relies on the so called MediaStore at fetching data.

Our apps have no ads whatsoever. If you see them during video playback, you must be using some other apps video player. Try finding your default video player in the device settings, then do a \"Clear defaults\" on it. The next time you invoke some video intent you will see an app picker prompt, where you can select what app you want to use.

If they were really deleted, you cannot do it with this app. However, there is a Recycle Bin enabled by default, it will cause the files just be moved in the Bin instead of deleting them.

You can solve it in 2 ways. You can either reinstall the app, or find the app in your device settings and select "Clear data". It will just reset your app settings and clear the recycle bin/favorites, wont delete any files.

You can long press the desired album and select the Pin icon at the actions menu, that will pin it to the top. You can pin multiple folders too, pinned items will be sorted by the default sorting method. Once you selected a folder by long pressing, you can use the "Reorder folders by dragging" item at the top menu for custom sorting too.

You can do it by double tapping the side of the screen, or tapping the current or max duration texts near the seekbar. If you enable opening videos on a separate screen in the app settings, you can use horizontal gestures too.

Exclude prevents displaying the folder only in Simple Gallery while hiding works system-wide and it hides the folder from other galleries too. It works by creating an empty ".nomedia" file in the given folder, which you can then remove with any file manager too.

It can happen that you will see some unusual albums show up. You can easily exclude them by long pressing them and selecting Exclude. In the next dialog you can then select the parent folder, chances are it will prevent the other related albums showing up too.

Adding a folder at the Included Folders on Android below 11 doesn't automatically exclude anything. What you can do is go in Settings -> Manage Excluded Folders, exclude the root folder "/", then add the desired folders at Settings -> Manage Included Folders. That will make only the selected folders visible, as both excluding and including are recursive and if a folder is both excluded and included, it will show up.

Yes, you can crop images in the editor, by dragging the image corners. You can get to the editor either by long pressing an image thumbnail and selecting Edit, or selecting Edit from the fullscreen view.

Sure, just use the "Group by" menu item while at the thumbnails view. You can group files by multiple criteria, including Date Taken. If you use the "Show all folders content" function you can group them by folders too.

It is most likely caused by the files being copied from somewhere. You can fix it by selecting the file thumbnails and selecting "Fix Date Taken value".

The current solution for displaying images works fine in the vast majority of cases, but if you want even better image quality, you can enable the "Show images in the highest possible quality" at the app settings, in the "Deep zoomable images" section.

You can either press the "Temporarily show hidden items" menu item at the main screen or toggle "Show hidden items" in the app settings to see the hidden item. If you want to unhide it, just long press it and select "Unhide". Folders are hidden by adding a hidden ".nomedia" file into them, you can delete the file with any file manager too.

App cache can take up to 250MB, it ensures quicker image loading. If the app is taking up even more space, it is most likely caused by you having items in the Recycle Bin. Those files count to the app size. You can clear the Recycle bin by opening it and deleting all files, or from the app settings. Every file in the Bin is deleted automatically after 30 days.

First you have to find the currently default gallery in the Apps section of your device settings, look for a button that says something like "Open by default", click on it, then select "Clear defaults". The next time you will try opening an image or video you should see an app picker, where you can select Simple Gallery and make it the default app.

Yes, of course. You can spread the word about the apps or give good feedback and ratings. You can also help by translating the apps in a new language, or just update some existing translations. You can find the guide at or just shoot me a message at if you need help.

It is caused by your launcher not supporting icon customization properly. Try launching the app via Google Play or some widget, if available. Once launched, just set back the default orange icon #F57C00. You might have to reinstall the app in the worst case.

Payments are fully handled by Google, their system glitches from time to time. Just clear your Google Play app cache and restart your device, then retry downloading it.

That can have multiple reasons, but solving it is easy. Just go in the app Settings -> Manage Included Folders, select Plus and navigate to the misbehaving folder.

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Money back guarantee

If you uninstall this app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. No need to fill in any form or contact anyone. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at our email. It is a one time payment, meaning that once you purchase the app, you will never have to pay for it again. Not even if you get a new device.