The most handy calendar out there.

Manage your events and reminders easily.



Simple Calendar Pro is a really flexible calendar with many event related options. It offers powerful repetition rules, optional CalDAV synchronization, ics file handling and much more.



Top notch design ensures the best possible user experience. You will get familiar with it really quickly.



You can create new events really quickly by predefining default values, or by duplicating existing events.



There are many views you can choose from, depending on your preference. No matter if you want to see just 1 day or 1 year, this app supports it.



Personalize your experience by changing any app color. You can even change the apps' icon color to make sure it matches your home screen.

  • What is the difference between the free and the Pro app version?

    The Pro one already has many new features including time zone support, attendees and email type of reminders in CalDAV synced events, then many other bugfixes and stability improvements. Since the free version won't be updated anymore, the difference will always grow.

  • How come I don't see this apps' widget on the list of widgets?

    It is most likely because you moved the app on an SD card. There is an Android system limitation which hides the given app widgets in that case. The only solution is to move the app back onto the Internal Storage via your device settings.

  • I don't like the widget colors, can I change them?

    Yep, as you drag a widget on your home screen a widget config screen appears. You will see colored squares at the bottom left corner, just press them to pick a new color. You can use the slider for adjusting the alpha too.

  • How can I remove the holidays imported via the "Add holidays" button?

    Holidays created that way are inserted in a new event type called "Holidays". You can go in Settings -> Manage Event Types, long press the given event type and delete it by selecting the trashbin.

  • Can I sync my events via Google Calendar, or other service supporting CalDAV?

    Yes, just toggle "CalDAV sync" in the app settings and select the calendars you want to sync. However, you will need some third party app handling the synchronization between the device and servers. In case you want to synchronize a Google calendar, their official Calendar app will do the job. For other calendars you will need a third party sync adapter, for example DAVx5.

  • I see the visual reminders, but hear no audio. What can I do?

    Not just displaying the actual reminder, but playing the audio is hugely affected by the system too. If you can't hear any sound, try going in the app settings, pressing the "Audio stream used by reminders" option and changing it to a different value. If it still won't work, check your sound settings, if the particular stream isn't muted.

  • Does the app support time zones?

    Yes, it does. By default all events are created in your current time zone. If you want to change an events' time zone, you will first have to enable the time zone picker at the app settings, then change it at the Event Details screen. It is disabled by default as most people won't need it.

  • I want to support you, but I cannot donate money. Is there anything else I can do?

    Yes, of course. You can spread the word about the apps or give good feedback and ratings. You can also help by translating the apps in a new language, or just update some existing translations. You can find the guide at , or just shoot me a message at if you need help.

  • The app launcher icon disappeared. What can I do?

    It is caused by your launcher not supporting icon customization properly. Try launching the app via Google Play or some widget, if available. Once launched, just set back the default orange icon #F57C00. You might have to reinstall the app in the worst case.

  • The money has been deducted from my bank account, but I cannot download the app. What can I do?

    Payments are fully handled by Google, their system glitches from time to time. Just clear your Google Play app cache and restart your device, then retry downloading it.

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